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Friday, July 01, 2005

Pet for a day

This green lynx spider came in with the shasta daisy I picked to put on the windowsill. She hung around for the morning coffee ritual, gave up some nice photos, then was gone by lunch. Peucetia viridans is an active hunter usually found high up on plants and flowers. She does not spin a web to catch her prey, but rather pounces on it as it lands nearby (such as the conflicted green bottle fly in my previous post). Still not sure where this one went, but I was surprised and glad she came for a visit.


Josh said...

Great photo. I don't really expect spiders to be beautiful, but this one is, like he is made of glass.

vanessa cardui said...

Yeah, it's surprising I didn't even notice this spider as I bipped in from the garden with my flower. Either goes to show how well they can camoflage themselves, or how preoccupied I can sometimes be.