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Sunday, January 15, 2006

2 unidentified BUGZ

As advertised, here are two recently photographed unidentified (by me so far) bugs. By bugs I do mean true bugs, that is hemiptera.

This one is sitting on a rose leaf that has been chewed by some other insect, probably a grasshopper. Hemipterans do not chew leaves if they are herbivorous but rather suck the juices out of them. Their sucking mouthparts are one of the identifying features of this insect order and can also be used to extract the juices of prey.

This guy is perched on a salvia leaf. I was intrigued with his grainy texture or coloration and the knobbed antenna. He hopped or flew off before I got a really good look.

Both of these bugs were fairly small, about 3/16th inch or so. Also I did not see others of their kinds, just the one of each. Tiny. Solitary. Nameless. But no longer wholly unknown as you have seen them here on AIBYY, the Cheers bar of companionless bugs. Where even if we don't know yer name we still love ya.

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