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Friday, March 17, 2006

Seeing the Magic

Where have all the leprechauns gone? Perhaps they never existed, like the snakes St. Patrick is said to have driven from Ireland. Or perhaps they are figurative embodiments of merriment, as the snakes represented Satan, or more likely, devils to those ancient Celts. And the devils are everywhere you know, from the evildoers that trouble our times to the 1/2 eaten chocolate bar in my freezer. If it's that easy to incarnate malevolent spirits, shouldn't we make a bit more of an effort to see the magic in our surroundings?

St. Patrick used the shamrock with three leaflets in one leaf to bring to life the concept of a trinity of personages in one god. But a shamrock seemed an ordinary thing to his pupils, so they set off looking for four leafed clovers and leprechauns to bring them super-ordinary goodness, or maybe it was just fun to needle the good bishop. Here's something I found: a double egged lacewing egg stalk. That must be good for a wish or two, wouldn't you think?

And then I found the real prize, the fairy-winged beauty who laid the magic eggs. Or at least I can imagine it was this lacewing.

You've surely eaten your ceremonial corned beef + cabbage, or stew by now. With luck you didn't have too many Guinness. Still
, here's a St. Patrick's Day greeting to all you Irish folk; or you who are just a bit Irish; and even if you just love Irish folk, or are an Irish wannabe, or an Irish sympathizer, or fellow Celt; and even those who just love tromping around in the drizzle looking for green crawly things, seeking magic but getting distracted by thoughts of beer, and warm food.

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