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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gallery of Hideous Spider Folk

For your Halloween pleasure, here are some cute spiders found in my yard recently. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


I've been creeping around your blog for quite some time now, dropping in from time to time, looking at your great pics, never commenting.

Today I just want to say this: I'm suffering from arachnophobia. It's 1:42 p.m., I was just getting ready to go to bed as I've got to get up early tomorrow (today?).

After looking at your spider-pics I'm rather more awake again than I was before. ;o)
(shudder) The thought of standing really, really close to a spider to take its pic!!!

Anyway, you inspired me. I just might get up my courage to trip daintily down the cellar steps one of these days, cam clutched in sweaty hands, to take a pic of that really fat, ugly spider that's living down there.

Anyway, your blog's great, please keep it up.



...buurn.....????? What exactly does this word-verification-thingy think it's trying to tell us here?

Anonymous said...


It's me again. Did I really say "it's 1:42 p.m." in my last comment? 1:42 A.M. I meant. A.M.!!!!
See, I was really tired that day.