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Monday, June 18, 2007

Great Golden Gobs of Digger Wasp

I noticed this (or another of the same species) large wasp cruising the garden for the past couple of days, but hadn't been able to get a photo of this lively critter. Under this morning's brief June gloom, maybe it was flying a bit slower, I dunno; maybe I just got lucky. This great golden digger wasp, Sphex ichneumoneus, spent a lot of time nectaring at the milkweed patch. The times I saw one before, it was cruising the garden for prey. The adult wasp feeds on nectar, but captures crickets and katydids to feed its young which are reared in an underground tunnel. Maybe I'll get really lucky and discover the secret location of the nest.

The wasp sees well, and reacts to the presence of the camera and its operator. It seemed friendly enough, though, and is by far beautiful enough to be worth risking a sting.

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Sandyman said...

we have these all around the office where I work...people used to gather outside to smoke but instead everyone gathers now to watch the Golden Digger...nice pics