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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Juan's Aeonium 3, Redux

Ok this is a bit weird. Last summer (June 20 post) one mantis nymph, presumably Stagmomantis californica, showed up on the potted aeonium plant I had acquired from my neighbor Juan months before. Today I was walking by and noticed this one mantis nymph, same species. I have located an egg case in the yard but that one is still intact (unhatched). So, where do these lone aeonium-loving mantis nymphs come from anyway? Assuming this nymph and last June's nymph were the first (or only) generation that makes this year's little one 2 months earlier than last year.

I believe mantids, for all their eventual size and fierce predations are some of the more mysterious creatures in the garden. I also believe that Juan's aeonium has some kind of weird bug-luring magic in it.

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