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Friday, June 27, 2008

Leaf Day X4

When you're a bug, everyday is leaf day. If they aren't eating the leaf, they are looking to eat something that is eating it, or as in the case of the crane fly might be just hanging out. Some bugs and their leaves for your consideration this Friday:

1. Tiger crane fly, genus Nephrotoma, lounging as only a crane fly can on a white iceberg rose leaf.

2. Peucetia viridans, green lynx spiderling on fuzzy Abutilon palmeri (Indian mallow) leaf.

3. Scudderia furcata, Forktailed bush katydid nymph on pelargonium cordifolium leaf. Please note chewed hole in center of the more-or-less heart-shaped leaf.

4. Spotless ladybird beetle, Cycloneda sanguinea, hunkering down amid the unfurling leaves at Solanum melongena leader.

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