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Monday, September 08, 2008

Eggses: the summer of 2008 part 1

I have a lot of backlog photos from this summer. Some of them are of eggs. These were some eggs my daughter found on a fallen ulmus parvifolia leaf in the driveway. Sharp-eyed offspring are helpful to the aging bug hunter.

We put the eggs into a collecting bowl until they hatched. They appeared to be a bug (Hemiptera) of some sort. They hung out on top of their old eggshells for about a day, then I put an elm stem in the bowl and they moved onto that. Figuring they would be getting hungry I decided to return them to their tree.

Ironically, I was placing them onto a low-hanging elm branch when a guy from the city public works department came around and stapled a sign on the tree's trunk informing us that it would be trimmed the following day. *sigh* Once you interfere in a bug's life you have taken ownership; so I took the tiny bugs off the elm tree and put them onto a myrtle in the yard.

Crashing of branches ensued and I didn't see the bugs after that.

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