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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Mea Culpa

Meaning no disrespect for the Jewish holy days; in fact I find the Days of Atonement one of the most logical religious observances there is and in that spirit I ask you readers' forgiveness for the following slights, missteps and conceits perpetrated within these pixels during the past year:

I apologize for occasional fuzzy writing, as found in this post in which I was trying to say something; not quite sure what is was from this vantage point. My bad research here was quickly corrected by Cindy. Thanks Cindy. A very tenuous political connection was offered, but went nowhere, in this one.

I tend to be wordy, but maybe most of you come around for the pics. But fuzzy photos happened, like the ones here here and here and I wish they didn't. I'm sorry to have tortured your already stressed eyes with these and others like 'em. In my own defense, I have a semi-crappy camera that no one makes macro lenses for anymore . . . the manufacturer got absorbed into another company yadayadayada and no longer supports the product. Just another sign the fundamentals are either going to hell or super strong.

I'm sorry for the occasional lapse in posting. I dunno: sometimes I opt for the good will of my husband over the best interests of the blog.

Thanking the bugs would seem to be in order, but I don't believe my appreciation per se will have any affect on their variety, abundance or level of interesting-ness. So I'll thank you for visiting and commenting.


Cindy said...

As a "just for fun" blogger myself, with a limited (or, as I like to say, esoteric) readership, I say you have nothing to apologize for.

But I will also admit that I treat many blogs like magazines, to be flipped through, pictures looked at, highlights noted, lengthy articles largely passed over. In fact, my own blogs are usually more pictures than words. But that's just me.

I do like that photoshopped fly!

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