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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It Did

The 2nd monarch chrysalis, the one of the tenuous silk attachment, did emerge today as I wondered if it would yesterday. I missed the exact moment again: went out in the yard around 6:45 am to check but there was no action. I checked back in about an hour and found the butterfly hanging from the shell of its former self, using gravity to fill its wing veins with fluid, occasionally dripping excess fluid. The weather was clear and warm; by mid-morning the butterfly had flown off.

What I have learned: 1. If you see a clear monarch chrysalis, be prepared for the butterfly's emergence within a day. 2. Tallish, woody shrubs near the milkweed seem to be a good spot for monarchs to pupate. 3. The emergence of a butterfly is an inspiring thing; would I also consider the emergence of, say, bottle flies inspiring?

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