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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Flying Dog Fly

Occasionally crane flies get in the house, and they fly around as gracefully as they can I guess but usually generate a lot of interest or concern from people in the house (or whatever indoor area) who often mistake them for a mosquito or something else scary. They are harmless, hapless, maybe hopeless; it's hard to believe they are a successful life form when you watch their gangling flight and tangle-legged efforts at walking. They don't live too long as adults so maybe that helps them survive somehow.

This one crashed and burned on the head of this little ceramic flying dog thingy that hangs from the lamp on our kitchen table, one of its tarsi hooked on the little bell above the dog's head in a way that might seem poetic, but its just stuff that happens.


Nikki said...

Love your blog! I'm finding all sorts of interesting things here - thank you so much!


They do look like giant mosquitos. Over here on the east coast, we don't start to see the crane flies until later in the spring.

vanessa cardui said...

Nikki: thank you for reading!

Aydin: Our spring starts pretty early here, about January 23 or 29 usually.