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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bloom Day of Doom

This is my mailbox, empty except for junk mailers and unwanted catalogs, and some of my miniature roses. No time (or desire) to buy stuff out of catalogs anyway . . . must garden. Oh, and finish up the tax returns. Well, there's always form 4868 for those of us who'd rather garden in April than crunch those numbers.

To clarify, I used to procrastinate and run my returns out to the post office at 11:45 pm on the 15th of April. And so, the day represented a sense of doom and I think still does for many people. These days, I've matured and I normally have this task completed well ahead of time (at least a couple days!). When you're not lending the government money all year long and filing for a refund, well, there's not much incentive in getting the thing done way in advance EXCEPT that April is a much better time to play outdoors than grind the calculator inside. Hence: Form 4868.

Further clarification: Don't think I'm one of these newfangled tea partiers in the news this tax-filing day. For the first time in, oh, about 8 years I feel OK about the federal tax I pay. It seems there's someone in charge with a plan, and a brain. I think over all we get pretty good value for our tax dollars in terms of a safe, decent place to live and do business, while of course there is vast amounts of improvement and reprioritization needed in all phases of both government and private sector enterprises, again, especially after the last 8 years. As for the tea party, I'd rather sip a fine cup of Good Earth Original in the garden than line up with the likes of Sean Hannity and pollute the bay with my symbolic tea; just to clarify that position. Anyway, this guy Marc Cooper has a few choice words about that, too:


Katie Elzer-Peters said...

Ha ha! I love the title! Luckily, I did the taxes months ago. The idea of planting something nice around the mailbox to stop dreading the mail!

Karen said...

Love the teeny roses encircling your mailbox. Maybe the thorns threaten when bills are arriving? Happy Bloom Day!