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Monday, April 13, 2009


At times when we drove through select areas of the Mojave Desert the insects were so numerous hitting the car it sounded like a rainstorm. It turns out an awful lot of them were syrphid flies, like this one. An unexpected surprise was found in that unnamed, unloved stretch of 395 before and after Johannesburg. Patches of goldfields and other flowers stretched from the wretched 2 lane all the way to the hills as far as you could see. I think it was so beautiful it made impatient drivers forget for awhile their urge to pass. I am sorry about the bugs, but what can you do?


Brian Miller said...

wow. crazy pics!

Kolby said...

It reminds me of a joke I heard as a child:

Q: What is the last thing to go through a fly's mind before hitting the windshield?

A: Its butt!