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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Thoughts about Baseball

So major league baseball season is underway. I really love baseball because it's a slow, dignified game played out in the honey-scented spring sunshine or a warm summer evening with moths flying around in the lights. The grass is green, the beer is cold, the bats are hopefully hot or the pitcher is at least. Still, this cartoon captured something I've felt disgruntled about for awhile (extreme player compensation). This would be the appropriate year for baseball owners to give it back to the fans, in the form of plenty of cheap tickets and $1 beers, popcorn and hot dogs. If Arte Moreno won't do it, well I can get my baseball itch scratched in other ways, such as at a high school or college game. And, there's always the game on the transistor radio and a cheap bottled beer in the tranquility of my own back yard with the crickets, where parking is still free.

4/9 Well maybe not the $1 beers. Too many people can't drink responsibly. So sad about the death of 22 year old Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart.


boots said...

But at least the baseball players pay is proportional to their success.

vanessa cardui said...

Yes, and the fans can easily witness and react to that success or lack of it.