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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Stink Bug Craftsman

Are you thinking of painting your old house this summer and looking for inspiration from nature? Consider the stink bug.

Stink bug nymphs of all stages (Nezara viridula) have discovered the ripening seed pods of the feathery cassia (Senna artemisioides) in my garden. The fifth instar, in existence for just about 5 days before molting to the plain green adult form, expresses a nascent Craftman sensibility with its willow green body, mahogany trim and black and off-white accents, a color scheme right out of this 1916 pamphlet. Meanwhile the half-ripe cassia pod suggests some more complementary shades to choose from buff to olive.

Here's a house painted almost like this stink bug nymph found at the Daily Bungalow.


Cindy said...

Seen any brown widows in your yard. We found one about 3 weeks ago.

vanessa cardui said...

I see lots of egg cases but I rarely see the spiders; though I did have a close encounter with a large female that was camped out under a pot I decided to replant.

Teresa said...

Very good advice. My grandmother always use to tell me to look to nature for color schemes. That's how she would choose colors for afghans she was crocheting. Fun post and pictures. Thank You.