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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Gratuitous Homely Butterfly Post

This is a funereal duskywing aka the 7th duskywing, Erynnis funeralis, feeding on a dusty miller flower. These small dark butterflies actually are cute if not pretty; this is simply an unflattering photograph of one for your enjoyment. E. funeralis is common around here and has been flying in my garden for about a month, since the June gloom burned off the the weather turned warm and sunnier. Its larval food includes various leguminous plants which I don't grow, so the caterpillars are likely in someone else's yard or a nearby untended lot.


Legend in my own mind said...

At California Academy of Sciences they have an indoor rainforest habitat, with tons of live creatures including poison dart frogs and a plethora of free-flying butterflies from places like the Amazon, Madagascar and Borneo. When you exit, you pass through an air-lock type portal to ensure that no butterflies escape.

vanessa cardui said...

Not even the ugly ones! I've got to get up to SF and visit the Academy.