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Thursday, November 12, 2009

No TG before Halloween

It would not be proper to forge on to Thanksgiving and whatever may follow it without disgorging a few images from Halloween. And so better late than never, here is a small sampling from jaloquin in our jardin. We have some very cool skeleton lights that flicker randomly in a ghostly green. This one is shown in daylight with a fetching loincloth of acacia iteaphylla flowers.

The ruellia brittoniana is in full bloom this time of year which is lucky; I like the way the brilliant purple harmonizes with pumpkin orange.

I carved a cute little pumpkin with a buggy little face.

Our patron spook dangled overhead from the ulmus parvifolia tree. A gourd we grew fills out the head in a shockingly realistic way. One of the kids' graduation gowns has been put to good use as well.

All good things must come to decomposition, in the case of the pumpkins this process is facilitated by fast-growing molds. The jack o lanterns gathered for one last laugh in the green waste bin.

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