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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Death in the Shrubbery

This first green lynx spider has captured a leaf-footed bug in the tops of the variegated myrtus communis bush out by the front fence. These late season spiders don't survive the winter but their appetite drives them to keep on hunting as long as the sun shines. This spiders 2 egg sacs (hatched and sent on their spiderling ways) are in the foreground of the picture obscuring our view of the lethal bite.

The second green lynx spider is hanging from her egg sacs, also both hatched out and dispersed, limp and dead. Notice the dark mark on her abdomen. A bit higher up in the same African basil bush I noticed a small orb web . . . could this be the home of what killed this lynx spider? A fly lurks nearby, maybe attracted by the spider carcass or maybe just a random fly enjoying the basil-scented winter sunshine before the rain.

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