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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Sky above and the Ground beneath her feet

Here's the sunrise from my front porch. That's a chinese elm tree growing through a thicket of power and cable lines overhead.

One of the sun ornaments watches with an inscrutable expression on his plastic face.

This is an interesting orange fungus growing in the dropped nyjer seed and bird droppings under one of my bird feeders. The cups are pretty small, less than 1/4" across I would say.

The moss on the brick patio is starting to grow.

There is a river of cracks in our old concrete driveway, and a delta of mossy ways around it.

An old screw lies in the dirt among some old lemon verbena leaves that sort of look like it.

Not a lot going on, just waiting for the big storm that seems sure to come this time.

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