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Monday, February 15, 2010

February Bloom Day #1: A. cultiformis

The knife acacia (Acacia cultiformis) tree started breaking bud a few days ago, and here it is in its bright yellow glory. Surprisingly few honeybees (or bees or nectar feeders of any kind) were visiting the blossoms today, a fine sunny day with temps in the mid-70s. Maybe the nectar isn't flowing yet? By the way, the willow wattle (acacia iteaphylla) just finished up a couple months worth of bloom, so these two make a nice flowery continuum for the winter and early spring. Along with the Senna artemisioides (which is still in full bloom), the garden is lousy with yellow.


Christine said...

willow wattle... hilarious.

vanessa cardui said...

Yeah those Australians have funny names for their plants. A lot of acacias are called wattles, not sure why.

Anonymous said...

Thank you- I always wondered what a wattle fence, mentioned in books, was.
When it gets old, it must be a wobbly willow wattle fence.
-sorry- Cynthia