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Thursday, July 01, 2010

More New Wasps

The paper wasps (Polistes apachus) continue to emerge from their papery cells. A total of 8 new nest-mates have been produced to date, added to the original 3 foundresses making 11 wasps tending the nest. As their numbers grow, it becomes more questionable an idea to have allowed the nest to stay on the porch. Although the wasps do not act aggressively, it is their numbers that are intimidating to the passerby.

You can just barely see in the top photo eggs that have been laid in the inner, newly emptied cells. The cells in a ring around the capped cells are full of larvae. Some of the outermost shallow cells appear to be empty, although it's a bit hard to get close enough for a good look.


Christine said...

Ha! It's like you're asking them, "Are you bugging me yet?" They seem respectable tenants enough, can't they stay a little longer?

vanessa cardui said...

As of today July 8 they are still there and behaving themselves.