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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Quarter Hour in the Grass

There is a clump of pennisetum growing in the parkway, planted a year or so ago I think and I've misplaced its proper name.  Maybe it's p. a. hameln.  By rights it should be cut back soon but meanwhile and as long as I'm procrastinating garden chores it is a wild place of tangled leaves, scraggly blossoms and home to many things. 

Just a quarter hour's observation revealed katydid eggs glued in overlapping rows on a stem; a weird colored bagrada hilaris nymph clinging to an inflorescence;

 a glowing elm leaf; a schistocerca nitens grasshopper nymph casting an annoyed look at me as I parted the foliage; a green lacewing perched gracefully on a twisting leaf; a geometrid caterpillar of uncertain coinage; and the simple but irresistible combination of milkweed seed meeting grass seed.

Take time to observe, always time to trim later.

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