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Monday, April 16, 2012

Um . . . . Yes?

This OSH ad in Sunday's paper poses what I consider a rhetorical question.

I don't have time to pull weeds, yet there are no weeds to mention in my garden.  I haven't fertilized and still plants are looking pretty good, nice and green and full of healthy growth.

Sure I've done a little pruning and deadheading now and then, but who has been picking snails and tossing them into the street?  Who's been cleaning up the fallen camellia blossoms?

And the birdbath that is suspiciously free of mosquito larvae?  Who cleaned up all the elm leaves that fell in the last couple rain storms?

There's a new member of our gnome team.

He is positioned near the front gate soliciting contributions to the planting fund.  Nobody has been doing the planting; maybe they will get on it when the funds come in.

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Gardening sheds said...

There are dwarf everywhere. Adorable!