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Friday, July 27, 2012

Return of the Lynx?

Is it really true the last time I posted about these super cool and beautiful spiders was December 2010?  Yup, I just checked.  Haven't seen any since . . . until today!

The honeybee carcass hanging below her lair caught my eye; I found the spider hanging out beneath a tangle of web above the honeybee and on top of the rose geranium espalier out on the front fence.  This fuzzy photo kind of depicts my amazed and befuddled condition when I first saw her.

The coloring is a bit odd . . . brighter green than I remember and missing the chevron pattern on the dorsal abdomen.  Still . . . must be green lynx, peucetia viridans, back from wherever spiders and other critters go when the population dynamic shifts.  Yay!

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