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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What kind of fly are You?

Political campaign signs remind me of fly paper. They are brightly colored, designed to attract the generic passerby and then stick in the mind with the goal of capturing the wayward vote. Readers of this blog will know, however, that there are many species of fly even here in semi-urban OC. Each fly species has its own requirements or preferences of food, habitat, season, etc. Some are predators, others parasitize other insects. Some eat rotting vegetation, and still others eat nothing at all as adults living just a day or two to breed. In a balanced environment, the species of flies and other organisms are parts of a complex matrix that can support increasing diversity of species. If an environment becomes unbalanced, though, one aggressive species can overrun the available resources, crowding out more discerning organisms.

This election day, get out there and express your inner fly-ness. Read the issues, find out about the candidates. Vote.


Cindy said...

I can't tell you how many times I have thought about taking a picture of those annoying signs in my area. Like a plague of flies, they seem to be everywhere I look. The only thing more annoying is the phone calls. And maybe the ads in the mail.

The smallest "flies", the city council and school board candidates, are the peskiest. They seem to put up the most signs. And even if I agree with their views, I want to not vote for them because they have polluted my neighborhood and my mailbox with their excessive self-promotion. (I do vote, but I still just want to swat 'em all.) So in the end, I never end up taking pictures of the signs. Especially since I know, like all pests, they will eventually be back anyway.

vanessa cardui said...

So true. I like to take note of who gets their signs taken down quickly (or at all!) There's nothing more ironic than the sign of somebody who got elected to serve us laying in the gutter or on someone's lawn as trash.