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Friday, March 23, 2007

Something New for Spring

I was shopping at the bug store the other day and saw this super cute item: Stilt Bug. They weren't on sale yet, since they're new for spring, but I bought one at full price anyway and let it go in the yard. Coordinates really well with the assassin bugs: shows a hemipteran resemblance, but those crazy jointed-knobby antennae set it apart. And, this stilt bug is fast enough (I think/hope) to avoid being eaten by the assassins.

Stilt bugs (true bugs of the family Berytidae) come in two flavors: predator and phytophage. Not sure yet which this one is, but I suspect it is a predator based on its quick, agile movements through the foliage as if hunting.

Note:  This was later identified by the Bugguiders as Neoneides muticus.  Details on its life history and habits still pending.

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