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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Predator falls Prey

In the bug eat bug world of insect predation, no matter what your official position on the food chain there could be someone else hungier, quicker or stronger that could make you lunch. In this case, the assassin bug has found a soft spot on the ventral surface of this ladybug.


Anonymous said...

The assasin bug is so helpful. The most common in Florida were so ugly that when we did Extension classes we had to emphasize how helpful they were to prevent folks from killing them. The photography on this site is terrific, and the information. Thanks for the 'bug blog'--very useful.

vanessa cardui said...

Yep, assassin bugs are some of my favorites. They're cute as little ones, kind of dour but stately as adults and helpfully hungry throughout their lifecycle. Thanks for your kind comment.