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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wisteria Buzz

The neighboring property to the north has a wisteria vine. It's funny: the lady who planted it a number of years ago put a 3x6 trellis behind it and I kind of laughed thinking: as if that is the natural extent of any wisteria in the history of horticulture? She has moved out of the house, and so has her successor neighbor, and we are now on to the 2nd generation successor neighbor, they of the birdhouses and accordians. Anyway, each of these two newer neighbors has bought into the trellis lady's idea of the ideal size of the wisteria and so participates in cutting the wisteria back to the extent that it just tops the fence between our properties after the winter pruning. This is good since otherwise it would long ago have taken over our office and garage. So each spring loads of wisteria blossoms spill over the fence onto our side. Carpenter bee (xylocopa varipuncta) females love the stuff and zoom past our back door and through the atrium for a tumble in the lush purple blossoms.

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