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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Domestic perfection

I found this spider shed--perfect in every joint and leg segment--in the drawer where I usually keep the dog brush. Maybe that reveals how seldom I/we groom the dog; or that I often forget to put the brush back where it belongs? Anyway, I set the exoskeleton into a green plastic bowl at the moment so it wouldn't get lost (or worse, broken), then kind of forgot about it. Here it is, proof that we do indeed produce something--spider skins!--in America.

What does the gardener/bug-nut who has everything (a magic tree that attracts hordes of butterflies, a nifty aerial collecting net, a day-glo orange fly swatter, a skein of green hemp twine and a smaller wad of purple, bottle gourd seeds, 1/2 price terracotta cactus bowls, a pretty OK camera, a shining black beetle climbing my elm tree, and a perfect spider skin) spend her tax rebate $$ on? Since in addition to all of the above I already have a cheap plastic collecting bowl from China?

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