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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Leaf-footed Bug

I found this five-legged leaf-footed bug (Leptoglossus zonatus) under the crow's tail feathers. Actually, the crow had fallen from its roost in the variegated crassula, and the bug was positioned under where the crow's hind end would have been before the crash. Whatever. Do fake crows from China hold some special attraction for insects?

Anyway, this is my first observation of this bug. According to the information, they feed on flowers and fruits of a wide range of plants, especially crops which would qualify them as pests. I don't grow much in the way of crops; possibly that's why I haven't seen this species until now. They are thought to be limited to the southern states but with climate change or just weird weather on the rise, who knows where you may find them. Try looking under a foam crow for starters.

There are other leptoglossus species: indicative for this one are the jagged line across the wings, the two light dots on the pronotum (the upper surface of the prothorax), and the extra fancy hind legs which this specimen has only one of.

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