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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Midweek Mysteries on Myrtle

As a respite from wondering when the last of the erstwhile city council, Yes on 8, and sad Nader/Gonzales signs, left up for Veterans Day out of respect no doubt, will be removed from my surrounds, I had a look around the yard. I found two more unanswered questions there.

Both of these enigmas were found on the underside of myrtus communis leaves. This first image appears to be a parasitic wasp, a braconid, emerging from an egg it has parasitized. But on a second look the egg cluster really looks like a very tiny Polistes wasp nest or even waxy like honeycomb.

The second image is again what appears to be an egg mass. It was quite hard, not sticky or gooey, like a crust or lime deposit. Emerging from the "eggs" however are winged white somethings. If you know anything about insects you'll realize only adults have wings, and adults do not emerge from eggs (unless they are eggs of another species, parasitized). The shape of the buggies is really familiar to me but I am mystified, bamboozled and just cannot place what I am looking at here.

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Kolby said...

Have you posted these on The bunch on that site are pretty quick at figuring out mysteries such as these.