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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beetles are in the House

So we've been burning the wood on the colder nights, even bug nuts must stay warm; and some of the beetles within have emerged, sort of freaking my family out. Ironically, the warmth of the burning wood, and probably some of their kin, is what seems to bring the beetles out. I think (thought?) these beetles are not a problem but I admit it is a bit scary to see largish, wood-devouring insects climbing about one's furniture and walls. I believe in live-and-let-live, but draw the line at insects that could eat the wood my house is made of. I am going to get a more positive ID on this from a local expert, just to be sure my domicile is not at risk!


Cindy said...

And what, may I ask, is that ant-decorated wooden thing that your mystery beetle is climbing on?

vanessa cardui said...

Back when we were all younger, we bought these kitchen chairs at IKEA. Each of us decorated ours; this ant-themed one is mine. The other side of the back panel has an "Ent"(-omologist). It's a bug nerd thing.

Cindy said...

Sounds cute! (says the other bug nerd)