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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bold Jumper and Spinner

This immature Bold Jumper Spider, Phidippus audax, was caught in the act of shooting a drag line of silk in this photo. You can see the spinnerets in action, and just barely see the stream of silk arcing away. The young nearly adult spiders overwinter; this one will be maturing; the red spots on (her?) back will become white, she'll mate and then lay eggs in a crevice in my old rickety fence or under a rough bit of tree bark. The name bold jumper is very accurate. You can see here how fearless she is. Right after this moment, she jumped about 3 feet away; then using her drag line reappeared on this sorghum leaf to threaten me in a small but very bold way.


Arcadia said...

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vanessa cardui said...

Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you enjoyed. Spring coming on fast, there will be lots of good bug stuff in the works.