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Monday, March 09, 2009

Daylight Savings: Why?

1. Alarming voices
at five a.m. Sports Weather
News: This is stupid.

2. Be gone, Mark Kriski!
Your weather comes so early
this Monday after.

3. The cell phone's face says
9 a.m.; although my face
begs to differ.

4. Small tyrant hand, cause
of exquisite pain today:
Daylight Savings Pain.

5. Atomic clock runs
slow; bio clock's whacked out too.
Cause: Spring Forward Bug.


Legend in my own mind said...

5:10 AM, Sh#@
Why is it so dark again?
Daylight savings time

JT said...

What the heck: Haiku.
Seven syllables go here.
This is poetry. ?