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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Leaf-footed Bug (continued)

So on my way out the front door I happened to glance right and down, under the Texas Ranger and among the lowest reaches of the dwarf pomegranate where a trio of leaf-footed bugs had congregated on a green pomegranate fruit. This is an adult along with two nymphs at the same stage of development as the one in the post from yesterday.

If the photo specimens on Bugguide are any indication, pomegranate is a favorite food for these bugs and here they are proving they are not the exception. The rose bush where the one bug was caught molting is close to this pomegranate; in fact one of these two immature Leptoglossus zonata might be that molted individual.


Cindy said...

question. What kind of spidey have I got all over my shrubs with their tight webs sort of like a blanket?
Im working on a story for the OCR.

vanessa cardui said...

I would suppose the sheets of web that cover your shrubs are made by funnel web spiders in the family Agelenidae. Look closely at the web and you should see a funnel-shaped retreat in the middle or off to one side of the web. It is quite likely the genus of spider is hololena, as that is the most common funnel web spider genus in California. I will post some photos in a day or so of a gnarly web on my rudbeckia for your enjoyment.