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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leaf-footed Bug Molting

This is a leaf-footed bug (92.3% sure this is leptoglossus zonatus, but hey I am no expert) before, during and just after molting. The newer version (last photo) appears to be the last nymph stage before adult, based on the little wings that are present. When I insects molting or doing other interesting things I nearly always think: Gee, what amazing things I would see if I had eyes out everywhere all the time. Anyway, glad I got a chance to see this; I really don't spent that much timing looking for or at bugs. He he.

Last year I saw one or two adults of this species in my garden. You can see what a grown up one looks like here.

This leaf-footed bug (named that way after the leaf-like decorations on the two hind legs) is said to be something of an agricultural pest because it feeds on the flowers and fruit of a wide range of plants, and is a transmitter of plant diseases; in this case it was just hanging out on an iceberg rose leaf at the close of the day. However . . . . .

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Cindy said...

Neat! I've never seen those shedding before.