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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Equinox Autumn 2009

The equinox occurred, in case you weren't paying attention as the sun's path danced across the equator, just now. But the smell of autumn has been growing for weeks. Back in mid-August, though, only a month ago I still longed for the lushness of early summer which of course was already long past and replaced by plants with a ragged sun-worn look begging for a trim and a good rain.

About that time the naked ladies, Amaryllis belladonna, shot out of the parched earth and offered up their unlikely and garish season-denying flowers. Nice while they lasted, now they too are dessicated in their ripeness, seed-swollen ovaries surrounded by shriveled petals.

It truly is autumn; anyone can see it now. The turn of the seasons does nothing better than remind me there is always a new season, another time to grow and blossom and wither and lay wait for the heat of August of all things.

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