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Monday, October 26, 2009

Walking on Senecio

Senecio mandraliscae
is an easy plant to grow and kind of fun, as demonstrated by this katydid nymph walking across the tips of a prostrate branch in my garden. When this senecio gets too big or lanky, I just whack off (that is a technical term, folks) the stem and plant it. Strip the cylindrical leaves from the bottom two or three inches of the cut stem, then let the stem dry for a day or two. Stick it into soil and voila, more senecio fun for you and the buggies.

I do believe this katydid is scudderia furcata, fork-tailed bush katydid.


Cindy said...

Your post title reminds me of the song "Walking on Sunshine", which I now have stuck in my head!

I agree, that's a scudder katydid. The more you see of the "new" P. nana katydids, the easier it gets to tell them apart.

vanessa cardui said...

Ha ha so my evil plot worked,

Ever since I heard Carl Sagan say we're all made of star-stuff, I always think of plants (and, by extension every other living thing) as solidified sunshine + air. So, he really is walking on sunshine.

whoo oh, and don't it feel good?