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Friday, October 30, 2009

Country Bugs, City Bugs

We took a trip to San Francisco recently; it was not a bug-tourism trip but nevertheless a few bugs squirmed their way into the experience!

We finally made it to Pinnacles National Monument (west side) for a quick look-see . . . It Is Awesome. And there were lots of insects. However I did not bring the camera on the short hike we took. Anyway, on the way down the winding 9 mile road back to semi-civilization my helpful husband spotted this tarantula crossing the road. This likely genus Aphonopelma since all of California's native tarantulas are. The males go off wandering in autumn in search of, what else, females. This one was running quickly toward the roadside grasses, making for some fuzzy photography.

Restrooms in parks are great places for bugs usually, but in the women's at Lake Santa Margarita all I saw was this moth with glassy wings clinging to the wood siding above my head.

So, we made it to our hotel room in the heart of the Shining White City, and found this leaf-footed bug clinging to the sixth floor window. That was a pleasant surprise.

Later we took in the view from the balcony as people crossed the street from the Irish pub on the left corner to Starbucks and back. A panhandler in a red scarf was bugging people for money, and then finally scores on a blonde woman in a colorfully striped sweater while the building security guard watches.

I love traveling.

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