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Sunday, June 14, 2009

June Gloom-buster Blooms

June 15 bloom day.
In spite of weeks going by without measurable sunshine, still there are flowers and bugs. It's a good thing there are because we southern Californians need all the cheering up we can get to avert S.A.D., not to mention having to tolerate Schwartzenegger, the state going broke, the water shortage and incipient threats from Pyongyang. People in the north (of our great state, that is) have the same dismal conditions to endure but they are adapted to living without sunshine for long stretches. We just aren't used to suffering without sunshine!

The aloe brevifolia is in full bloom and its bright orange is a glad sight to humans and bugs alike. Wondering whether earwigs can discern color, why one would climb 2.5 to 3 feet up a stalk to hide its head inside a flower; trying to understand what exactly boatman flies are doing with their wing-waggles; analyzing the cost to benefit ratio of lily family inflorescences are just a few of the many conundrums and mysteries that abound within the everyday garden to keep one's mind off of the gloom of June 2009. Flowers + Bugs = Happiness.


Cindy said...

Ah, at last a math equation I can understand!

Dreamybee said...

Oh dear, you know it's bad when even the bugs are trying to get away from it all!

Town Mouse said...

I remember that one year when it rained all April and everyone complained that with taxes like ours, we should at least have sunshine. (Not to mention some services).

But I digress. Happy bloom day! Great shots!