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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Butterfly-less Fest plus One

Last weekend the annual butterfly fest was held at nearby Riley Wilderness Park, a 475 acre chunk of former cattle ranch that is now surrounded by suburban housing development. Still, it was nice to take a short hike through the waist-high grasses; and the park's butterfly garden was doing its best to attract. The persistent overcast we've been having persisted that day and not one butterfly was seen . . . except this future butterfly.

There were some insect fair folk there wowing the kiddies and me with their wares. I suppose the local species are never as spectacular as giant walking sticks from Thailand or beetles that sound like jet airplanes when they unfurl their wings.

Still, we saw a stink beetle (Eleodes species) in his dugout

a bumblebee (probably Bombus californicus) foraging among the salvia,

an unidentified snail (not brown garden snail) decorating the state flower

and aphids.

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Barbara said...

Great photos and funny post.