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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Note To Self:

Never leave mantis egg mass in open container on kitchen table.

I am still picking tiny mantids off the lights, the mini-blinds, the walls, the keyboard, etc. Can't really reach the ones on the ceiling.

I managed to get most of them (100 or so) out in the garden where they belong. It's gotten dark; they are out there all alone right now in the dark hot night, not even a day old, maybe eating things smaller than themselves; maybe being eaten by larger things.

The guy who sold the ootheca to me said these are Chinese mantids. Maybe this is them. More to come as they grow up.


beetle said...

They must be hatching out everywhere right about now. I've got some over my way. Though not in the house. ;-)
You're not the only one to leave mantid egg cases lying around to hatch indoors:

Cindy said...

Oohh, noooo! Tiny mantids all over your computer and phone, among other places! I like the shot of the one little guy who made it to "safety" outside. He seems to be contemplating his next move.