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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Grasshoppers (heart) Artemisia

Without trying or planning at all I seem to have gathered a small collection of plants of the artemisia persuasion in my garden. I was surprised and gladdened to learn the mystery plant I had seeded into the parkway strip (an old packet of seed left over from someone's project) is Artemisia annua, aka Sweet Annie. It's an annual, grew to about 2.5 feet, with cute upside down flowers; and it seems to attract lots of insects.

I like artemisia because they smell good, they either look like or are natives, they don't require much care or water to grow, and I dunno, they seem slightly rebellious. I like 'em because their flowers aren't bold, they have a shady history in the herbology, and did I mention they smell good?

I was touring the estate and I noticed grasshoppers in three of the artemisias. Not sure why grasshoppers prefer them; but it must have something to do with eating since that is what young grasshoppers do best.

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Cindy said...

Ooo, nice coloration on that top one!