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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Funky Little Dance of Frustration

I noticed a mantis waving her forelegs back and forth and side to side across this small galvanized watering can that hangs as a decorative thing on the north side fence of my place. I mean, she was doing this for the longest time, jerking her legs around I guess trying to gain a hold on the surface. She could have easily gone around--there are vines and strings and fence boards and all kinds of stuff lots easier to grab onto. But instead she persisted in this annoying funky dance that made me reconsider my opinion of these mantises as graceful, perhaps even thoughtful, masters of their environment. Sheesh, get a grip, I found myself thinking. Then I noticed her right eye appeared to be damaged. Maybe her vision was impaired and caused her ungraceful and unproductive movements. Anyway, she eventually got out of her funk and found an easier way to go around the metal can.

One and a half eyes
can easily lead six legs
with a little luck

1 comment:

Cindy said...

A dented eye. Poor old girl. Late season mantids are kinda sad anyway :(