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Monday, December 24, 2007

Bees at the Station

We took a train ride recently, departing from the Santa Ana station. To reach the northbound track you climb three flights of stairs to a bridge over the tracks. At the top of the southbound stairwell, we found a collection of dead honeybees in the eddy where the updraft from the stairwell would meet the crosswind from the trains passing by. We crossed the bridge and wondered: Were the bees from the same hive? Where was their hive? Is their hive on the verge of collapse or is it doing OK? We boarded the train and went on our way. The moon rose on the right while the sun set on the left, we met some people with an interest in entomology and literature, ate fish and made it home safely.

Sorry I did not take a photo; no camera in hand, but I'm sure most everyone knows what a dead bee far from its hive looks like by now.

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