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Friday, April 23, 2010

Scenes from a Friendly Planet

So Earth Day was yesterday, but no worries: we now celebrate Earth Week according to retailers such as Lowe's, Walmart, and Office Max! Not only am I late with my earth day post, I missed the boat and failed to line up Sunday to get my free reusable shopping bag from Target, brought specially for all of us from China on a non-carbon emitting cargo ship, NOT. Anyway, since earth day is everyday because really, how could we ever avoid the earth and all its evidences, ramifications and processes since we live on, are supported by and are surrounded by it, I will go ahead and post this celebration of my tiny slice of earth, which in my opinion is better than any heaven, in no particular order:

Ootheca waiting for emergence
Young assassin
The passion and the aphids
Pupa in a pavement crack
Man hoeing weeds
Calandrinia grandiflora little bud
Lizard in a pink enamel basin
Raindrops reflecting on cactus

insect on African daisy #1
Male grasshopper contemplating artichoke
Mexican fairyduster pods
Bird poo on milkweed flowers
Beetle emergence holes on a gourd

Fennel feather duster s
A tomato
Raindrops on blue (or isn't it purple) hibiscus
A weedy passion vine climbing a fence
Finch (lesser gold)

Wren doing what wrens do best
Chunk of aloe and a drop of water
Sedum + concretion
Tiny katydid nymph meets Phlomis
Glowing leaf

Boat shape fraxinus leaf of the yellow persuasion
Aloe in bloom
Katydid walks on a sea of lavender cotton
A wren and a plane
Pelargonium carnosum blossom

Bird (lesser plastic)

2 artichokes
Cilantro leaf
Crabgrass seedling and shoe


Mr. John McCombs said...

Thank you for posting such beautiful photographs, information and commentary. I hope that you'll visit the school garden again. Maybe we can impose on you to help find some visitors in the garden and help the children learn from your enthusiastic and artistic interests.

Town Mouse said...

Lovely photos! Yeah, I have the same reaction when I see some "earth day" promotions, including garden bloggers who promote more product.

Much better to just enjoy what we have ;->

vanessa cardui said...

School gardens rock! I had the privilege to help with my daughter's elem. school garden for a couple years--what a blast to work with such enthusiastic gardeners eager to learn.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!!