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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

If You Grow It They Will Come

I had a wonderful Indian mallow, Abutilon palmeri, in the back garden for years until last year when it went into sudden decline and died.  This summer a seedling grew from that plant and now stands about 3 feet tall.  The young plant recently started blooming and has produced two schizocarps full of seeds.

And, in true If You Grow It They Will Come fashion, the scentless plant bug Niesthrea louisianica that specializes in feeding on the seeds of mallows has arrived.  This one was found hunkered down inside the partly open dried fruit among the cheese-wheel of seed-filled sections, maybe having laid eggs there or maybe planning to feed, on yesterday's cool rainy afternoon.


Christine said...

Gorgeous! I've been tempted to try one of these, but keep telling myself they prefer a more arid climate. Perhaps I should stop listening!

vanessa cardui said...

I keep the back garden quite dry but even so I believe the conditions are slightly better than marginal for this desert plant. I'm thinking this seedling, however, may be better adapted and I have high hopes for it.