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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Snail . . . Grasshopper . . . Tomato rain

Tomatoes planted around or about St. Patrick's day have quadrupled in size or more, dusted with raindrops in the ongoing spring dream of sunshine and heat. 

Snails continue to flourish while the vision of a lone grasshopper is an omen of summer dryness to come.


Bookwyrme said...

Are snails never not flourishing?

vanessa cardui said...

As we heat up in summer and one can hear large grasshoppers munching, yes, the snail population plummets and those that are around aren't very active. Spring is the most snail-y time around here, summer big die-back that carries over into autumn, when the cool and moist get them started again. This winter it was colder and it seemed to slow the garden snails down (they weren't eating much) as well as reduced the numbers of slugs. So it depends on the weather. I have noticed so-called "succulents" (plants with moist fleshy leaves) shelter large numbers of snails and so an increase in this sort of plant in the garden could mean lots more snails.