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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bloom Day Solanacea

We planted up some big pots with veggies in April including tomatoes and what the garden gurus identify as good companions such as onions, mint, nasturtiums, marigold and geranium as well as "other nightshades" (eg tomatoes, peppers, potato, eggplant, and well, nightshade?)  I happened to have a one gallon Solanum wallacei, Catalina nightshade, hanging around the yard looking for a home so I popped it into one of the pots.  It spills out of the pot with long stems covered in downy leaves and sprays of purple tomato flowers.

I was wondering one day as I watched flies and bees working the flowers: whether pollen transfer from the poisonous nightshade could effect the fruit quality of the tomatoes, as is the case sometimes with cross-pollinated squashes.

The tomato plants are loaded with fruit that is just turning red:  we will keep an eye out for signs of poisoning as we enjoy their juicy goodness.  Meanwhile the nightshade has set no fruit so far.

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