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Friday, June 24, 2011

Spider on the 95th

Here I am at the Signature Room, a schwanky restaurant on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building (signature room...get it?) having dinner with my mom sister and daughter.

And the most memorable part of the event?  Aside from the prodigious size of the steaks, the overdose of cheesy potatoes, the colorful martini, and the view (that's Chicago in the foreground, then Lake Michigan, and in the distance Indiana for heaven's sake) a group of spiders living outside the windows.  According to the waiter they are always there . . . it's where they live.  As we watched a few other random buggies happened by on the glass.  Prey.

2/29/12:  Hello visitors from Secrets of Chicago!  and thanks for the notice.  I was born in the city, moved west while a child.  My recent (last summer) visit was for my mom's (also born and raised) 85th birthday.  The spiders were frosting on the cake of a very nice visit.

By the way, after dinner at the Signature Room, we headed for the Skydeck.  Somewhere I have a great photo of mom and her walker suspended over the city.


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haha!! nothing like a mid meal spider break!!